Our Team’s Story

Learn About Olea Real Estate Group

At Olea Real Estate Group, our traditions are part of everything we do. We hope you’ll take a moment to learn a bit more about the culture and values that have shaped our approach.

Welcome to the Olive Grove

In the Mediterranean country of Tunisia, there’s a lush olive grove. It’s a farm that’s been in the family of Olea’s co-owner, Elias, for generations. He and Munira—his partner in life and real estate—are proud of this place.

Together, they’ve explored Tunisian landscapes. They’ve walked nearby streets, many of which were built in the 6th century. They’ve enjoyed incredible food and hospitality, along with local traditions.

One of the things they’re both struck by is how families here connect with and take care of one another. Enjoying the company of several generations, all under one roof, is a very special experience. It’s no wonder this is where they hope to retire.

The olive branch has long symbolized peace and generosity, as well as prosperity. It’s a fitting image for our team, given our approach to real estate.

Our Sense of Community

Before Munira became a REALTOR®, she worked in community development. She was drawn to this path by her desire to help people. It wasn’t until she met Elias that she realized how much a REALTOR® can improve lives. She too decided to work in real estate, and (eventually) Olea Real Estate Group was born.

Along with their team of like-minded professionals, the couple has helped families from all walks of life. The way they work with their clients—who they see more as family—has been influenced by the olive grove, and the culture that surrounds it.

Real Estate Rooted in Tradition

At Olea Real Estate Group, we invite clients to become part of our tradition. We’ve been known to swap stories with clients over coffee—and even encourage them to visit our grove in Tunisia. Put simply, when we say we treat you like family, we mean it!

Moving Forward Together

When we help you buy or sell, your future happiness is always our focus. We start by building a relationship with you to ensure that your goals are met—today, and in the years ahead.