March 4th, 2022 | Selling

How To Sell a Home With a Busy Family Life

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The process of selling a home and moving feels very different to everyone.

Some people love the thrill and excitement that comes with a new adventure.

Others feel so overwhelmed they don’t even know where to begin.

Whether you’re upsizing a downsizing, there is only one common factor. Once you’ve decided to sell, there is so much to do. When you have a hectic family life, finding the time to squeeze everything in can feel exhausting.

Add children or pets to the mix, and selling your house becomes even more of a challenge

Children can feel distressed at the thought of leaving the only home they’ve ever known. Instead of fighting with them, why not recruit them as helpers if they’re old enough? 

They’ll feel engaged in the process, and you might be surprised at how much little hands can take off your plate. 

Start With Decluttering 

Though this isn’t necessarily labour-intensive, it can take a long time. And it’s the most emotional step. The longer you’ve been in your home, the more things you accumulate. It’s hard to part with old souvenirs and knickknacks that bring back precious memories. Getting rid of them can feel like losing an old friend. However, it doesn’t make sense to move everything to your new home. Before you pack, you have to sort. You’ll have to decide what to keep, donate or throw away.

Decluttering can be especially hard on young children who place a lot of emotional value on their toys and other belongings. Talk to them about how much another child might love these old toys they have outgrown. 

The more time you can give yourself for this step, the easier it will be. When things get really emotional, you don’t have to decide right away. Sort everything into a “Yes,” “No,” or “Maybe” box and then put them aside. If you don’t miss the items for a month or so when packed away, you can bet they’re safe to donate. 

Making the Big Decisions

Before selling, you have many decisions to make. 

  • What agent should you use?
  • What city and neighbourhood do you want to live in? 
  • What kind of house do you want? 

The more you engage your whole family with these decisions, the less stressful the move is for everyone. Once the big decisions are made, you’ll often feel a weight come off your shoulders. 

From this point on, it’s about execution.

Preparing Your Home

If you want to get top dollar when you sell your home, you’ll have to prepare. Some upgrades can add thousands to your bottom line. Others won’t have much impact and are better left alone. You will need access to contractors you can trust with any repairs you don’t have time to make yourself.

Another thing to think about is staging. A few well-placed pieces of furniture and fixtures can significantly increase the perceived value of your house. Proper staging requires training and an eye for design, so it’s usually best to bring in a professional.

If you want as little work as possible, many Realtors® offer full service every step of the way. They will clean and stage your home for you. Plus, they’ll have a roster of trusted contractors to perform all necessary upgrades. 

Showing Your Home

Before every showing, your house should be clean from top to bottom. Older children can help. If you have young ones, having them stay with a relative is best. Pets are another complication. While they’re a beloved member of your family, potential buyers will not feel the same. For many, the smell and sight of pets can be a turn-off. The best option is to board your pet with a loving friend or relative until your house sells. If you can’t arrange that, you can make your pets comfortable in a single room. It’s less stressful for the animal, and potential buyers will also feel more at ease.

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A Simple Tip to Prevent Overwhelm

An approach to help alleviate much of the stress and overwhelm is to make a comprehensive “To Do” list. Write down everything that needs to be done before, during and after the sale. List as many details as you can.

Once complete, put it aside for a day or two and don’t worry or even think about it.

Remember That You Are Not Alone

You may be surprised at how many people show up to help you move. Friends, family members and even work acquaintances may offer to pitch in. Friends with trucks might help with the heavy furniture. Older relatives can volunteer to take your children to the park for an afternoon. A simple pizza party can sometimes motivate people to help and is also a great way to say “Thank you.”

When you start preparing for your sale early and involve your whole family, you can erase most of the stress of moving. You can all look forward to the next step with excitement and a sense of adventure.

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